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Frequently Asked Questions

Q In selecting my program, what reference should I use for determining the musical periods?
A The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians would be a good place to start but there are plenty of free sites on the internet e.g. Wikipedia.org. Other examples are the programs chosen by previous competitors.

Q If I am selected as a semi-finalist, can I have a different accompanist for the competition to the pianist used in the audition?
A Yes.

Q Is an accompanist provided by the MSC?
A No but the Committee can provide a list of well qualified Melbourne based pianists on request.

Q Can I change my semi-final and final repertoire once I have submitted it?
AThe MSC Committee may allow this in exceptional circumstances. Changes approved after the requested deadline may be too late to be included in the printed program and the judges? briefing papers

Q Can I sing a song from a song cycle as part of my audition or semi-final program?
A Yes. But obviously not a complete cycle. However, a program in the final can include a song cycle but it must show enough diversity to meet the judging criteria

Q Can a pianist can win the accompanist's prize if their singer doesn't wins the competition?
A Yes.

Q Is there an age limit?
A No.

Q Can a performer enter the Mietta Song Competition more than once?
A Yes.

Q Can a pianist accompany multiple singers in one or more Mietta Song Competition?
A Yes.

Q Is an audition CD required?
A No. The audtions are live

Q When and where will the audition take place?
A Entrants will be notified of audition details after the close of entries.

Q Do I need to send both an electronic version of the entry form and a hard copy?
A Yes Both are required.

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