blended with cayenne">

Diablotins A La Normande

2 oz Butter
1 oz Plain Flour
1 oz Rice Flour
3 1/2 fluid oz Milk
1/4 lb Camembert
Cayenne Pepper


Melt butter, stir in flours, stir in milk gradually.

Add Camembert (blended first in food processor) and seasonings and bring to the boil, stirring constantly.

When very thick, turn out onto a tray and let cool.

Cut into shapes (triangles) approx 3/4 inches thick. Flour, egg and breadcrumb and deep fry.


Appeared as a first course: Diabolitins a La Normande $3.20 (Deep fried triangles of camembert blended with cayenne)

See also Camembert Frit