Bella Vedere

(03) 5962 6161, Badger's Brook Vineyard, 874 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream. VIC 3770
Regional $$
Open Wed-Sun 8.30am-5pm Fri 6-10pm Sat 7.30-11pm; Licensed; Cards AE MC V EFT, Seats inside 80, Outside seats

Chef: Gary Cooper (31-03-13) Owner: Gary Cooper & Tim Sawyer (31-03-13)Bellavedere

Mietta's Review
Gary Cooper (founding chef at Eleanore's) appears rusted onto the Yarra Valley. Here at Badger's Brook he's opened a rustic winery cafe that uses his skills and homegrown and local produce. Simple and snacky food during the day, more elaborate at night for his $65 degustaion menu.

Other Published Opinions

The Age Good Food Guide 2013 Score: 15.5/20

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Age Good Food Guide 2013 Score: 15.5/20, One Hat

Gourmet Traveller 2012 Australian Restaurant Guide Score: One Star "Bella Vedere's Saturday night set menu should appeal to diners who like an element of surprise. On an autumn evening, the country house is aglow with candlelight, an open fire beckons and rows of polished wine glasses gleam"

Age Good Food Guide 2012 Score: 15.5/20, 1 Hat

Age Good Food Guide 2011 Score: 15.5/20, One Hat

Gourmet Traveller 2011 Australian Restaurant Guide "There's more than an echo of provincial France in the rustic farmhouse feel of Bella Vedere, which, true to its name, has charming views of vineyards, the vegie garden and the Yarra Valley"

Gourmet Traveller 2010 Australian Restaurant Guide "Views of the Badger's Brook vineyard, polished wood and lashings of country hospitality are backdrops to the creative talent of Gary Cooper. The menu, changed daily, sings a local organic melody with food that's honest, stylish and unpretentious"

Herald Sun Stephen Downes, 28-04-09 Score: 36/50 "Would I go back? ? I do. Just over four years ago, when I first reviewed Bella Vedere, no dish cost more than $20. These days, big servings offine, simple tucker remain reasonably priced, but mains have reached $30. Be that as it great place; a relaxed stylish dining room plonked in the middle ofthe Yarra Valley's rolling hills and vineyards In a renovated house, it bakes its own bread and sells its own preserves. "

Herald Sun Simon Plant, 13-01-09 "Dine among the vines of Badgers Brook winery and you are often eating things either grown on the property or sourced from local suppliers."

Age Good Food Guide 2009 Score: 14/20

Gourmet Traveller 2009 Australian Restaurant Guide "A trip to Bella Vedere is worth doing properly, which can mean some weeks' wait for dinner. That's not to say that the restaurant at the Badger's Brook winery fails to please in the daytime"

Age Good Food Guide 2008 Score: 15/20

Gourmet Traveller 2008 Australian Restaurant Guide "Good, earthy, provincial food with an organic and local accent is the order of the day here at chef Gary Cooper's Yarra Valley restaurant"

Age John Lethlean

Age Good Food Guide 2006 score 14/20

Gourmet Traveller 2006 restaurant guide "If the smell of baking bread doesn't alert you, then the kitchen counter stacked with cakes, tables piled with vegetables and chefs ducking out the back door to pull herbs from the garden will. Taking its cues from Alice Waters' iconic Californian restaurant Chez Panisse, Bella Vedere is fanatical about fresh seasonal and regional produce."

Age Epicure score 14/20 John Lethlean 26/7/05

Herald Sun 2/4/05 Bob Hart "You enter. And there, before you, is an array of seasonal, regional food that takes your breath away, lifts your spirits and obliterates your hunger. ... Now it would be hard to imagine a more welcoming place than this with its displays of produce and warm wares from the bakery that fires through the night."

Age Cheap Eats 2005

Age Five country getaways 26/12/04

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Bella Vedere, (03) 5962 6161, Badger's Brook Vineyard, 874 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream. VIC 3770 Gary Cooper's latest Yarra Valley enterprise is this rustic winery cafe at Badger's Creek Vineyard.