Shira Nui

(03) 9886 7755, 247 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley. VIC 3150
Japanese $$
Open Tue-Sat noon-2pm 6pm-10pm, ; Licensed, BYO, Corkage $3 person; Cards AE DC MC V EFT, Seats inside 25

Chef: Hiro Nishikura, Eiki Ando & Yung-Ju Lee (31-03-13) Owner: Hiro Nishikura (31-03-13)

Mietta's Review
Glen Waverley and surrounding suburbs contain some of Melbourne's best Asian restaurants. One of them is Shira Nui. It's a very unassuming Japanese establishment that's brightly lit with yellow walls, floor and long blonde-wood sushi bar, where the main action is, and white clothed tables. Owner-chef Hiro Nishikura prepares the sushi and keeps an attentive eye on proceedings. The food is very carefully done and the flavour balance is correct. Prices, for the quality are very reasonable. It's worth the drive from the city, but ring first.

Other Published Opinions

The Age Good Food Guide 2013 Score: 14.5/20

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Age Good Food Guide 2013 Score: 14.5/20

Age Good Food Guide 2012 Score: 14.5/20

Age Good Food Guide 2011 Score: 14.5/20

Age Good Food Guide 2010 Score: 14.5/20

Age Good Food Guide 2009 Score: 14.5/20

Gourmet Traveller 2009 Australian Restaurant Guide "A nondescript Glen Waverley shopping strip is not the obvious place to seek boundarypushing Japanese food, but Shira Nui's camouflage partially explains its 'hidden treasure' status"

Age Good Food Guide 2008 Score: 15/20

Gourmet Traveller 2008 Australian Restaurant Guide "JAPANESE Sit in Shira Nui's brightly lit, yellow-toned dining room and order a la carte and you'll probably leave satisfied but mystified about why there is so much talk about this unassuming Japanese joint"

Age Dani Valent

Age Good Food Guide 2006 score 15/20

Gourmet Traveller 2006 Australian Restaurant Guide * "Tucked away in the relative obscurity of Glen Waverley, far from the gastronomic spotlight, the sushi master does his thing. And in this time-honoured manner of working hard and doing your best, fame, ofa sort, has caught up with purist Hiro Nishikura."

Age (melbourne) Magazine May 05 John Lethlean

Herald Sun Stephen Downes score 18/20, 15/3/05 "Shira Nui means a fire that isn't a fire. It refers to an aurora seen in a certain region of western Japan. What a great name for a fine restaurant modestly cloaked. Apart from a slight oversweetness here and there, I couldn't fault this place's food. The wine list is extremely limited, representative and well-priced. Only a house red and white are on offer by glass. But take your own."

Age Good Food Guide 2005 score 14/20

Gourmet Traveller 2005 Restaurant Guide * "Shira Nui does some a la carte Japanese cooking - but it calls itself a sushi restaurant. The approach is to sit at the bar and let Nishikura-san prepare his sublime treats for you, one by one."

Age Cheap Eats 2004

The Foodies' Guide 2004, Allan Campion & Michele Curtis,'Chef Hiro Nishikura is Melbourne's only licensed fugo chef,which means he's qualified to prepare the infamous (and potentially lethal) puffer fish.Much safer is his range of sushi and sahimi,but why not take the 'omakase' option,which leaves him to choose-after all,he knows what's best.'

AGFG 2004, score 14/20, wide selection of vegetarian dishes, two courses for $25 or less

Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide Australia 2004, Good vegetarian options,'on a big night this restaurant is as raucous as a Tokyo sushi den.They come for Melbourne's best sushi...the real joy is to sit at the counter and let Nishikura-san feed you.This approach will take you through some amazing flavour and texture combinations...Divine'

Age, 28/12/03, John Lethlean

Age, Food &Wine, 30/10/03, Matt Preston

Age, Sunday Life, 15/6/2003, Eat Streets, John Lethlean

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Shira Nui, (03) 9886 7755, 247 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley. VIC 3150 A very unassuming japanese restaurant in Glen Waverley with some of the best food in Melbourne. Good and attentive service.