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Michael Dowe in 1991Michael Dowe on the job in 1991
In 1991 the Mietta's Restaurant newsletter carried interviews with the major restaurant critics in Melbourne and Sydney. It also looked at the concentration of power in the hands of the two editors of the Age Good Food Guide, then the most important restaurant publication in Melbourne. In the introduction the critics were awarded Bloody Daggers, Pools of Blood and a Half Chef's Head (for Byzantine judgements). These 'awards' taken very seriously by the restaurant reviewers who became extremely competitive about their rating.

Restaurant Issues

Bruno Loubet at the stovesBruno Loubet at the stoves

Paul Bocuse on The Future of Dining
An interview with Bocuse during his visit to Australia in November 1997
The Chic Italian Bistro
Cameron Smith explores the new super-cool 'Italian' bistros and finds that the more things change the more they stay the same
Eating with Kids
David Greason with some sage advice on kids in the restaurant environment
Melbourne, one of the great food capitals
The argument is made by Bob Weis in spite of incredulous disbelief from the inhabitants of other contending cities.
The Heat of the Kitchen
A look at the pressures a chef works under and sketch of his or her responsibilities
Restaurant Definitions
An explanation of the meaning of the words restaurant, bistro and cafe; which looks the staff levels and the situations described by these often misunderstood terms.
Mary Keneally looks at the ritual of taking tea and investigates establishments in Melbourne which serve Tea.
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