9328 1177, 483 Beaufort St, Highgate. WA 6003
Modern Australian $$ + www.jacksonsrestaurant.com.au
Open Mon-Sat 7pm-9.30pm; Licensed; Cards AE V D MC Eftpos, Seats inside 72

Chef: Neal Jackson Owner: Neal Jackson, 2007-7-9Neal Jackson
Neal Jackson during service with some of the brigade. Photo: Tony Knox

Mietta's Review
Jackson's is still the best restaurant in Perth, leading the way with very fine European food from Englishman Neil Jackson. The dishes have depth and a rare complexity of flavour. Service is professional and friendly and the wine list is very reasonable. This restaurant just seems to get better with time. In 06 mains were mostly in the low $30s.

Other Published Opinions

The West Australian Good Food Guide 2014 Score: 17/20 Two Stars "JACKSON'S RARELY puts a foot wrong which is why it has remained one of Perth's best for so long. It is the last word in fine dining and almost impossible to fault, from its effortlessly chic interior to its generous, knowledgeable staff who have made an art form of customer service. Although well-known for its degustation, chef Neal Jackson's a la carte menu is a good bet for those wanting choice"

Gourmet Traveller 2013 Australian Restaurant Guide Score: 1 Star "The white gloves are off at Jackson's. Or at least off the waiters, though they're still as debonair as ever, new dress code or not. It's a change which signals the relaxed, less-is-more direction Neal Jackson is taking both his kitchen and dining room"

West Australian Good Food Guide 2012 Score: 17.5/20 Two Stars "2011'S RESTAURANT Of The Year is still going strong - packing them in, particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings when the special night out crowds come and pay homage to the traditional-meets-modern stylings of Neal Jackson's posh food"

Gourmet Traveller 2012 Australian Restaurant Guide "Jackson's continues to follow its own path. Paying no heed to the casual, pared-back trend, consummate white-gloved waiters patrol the minimalist room, deploying course after course of intricate, multilayered cooking"

The West Australian Good Food Guide 2011 Score: 18/20 Two Stars "Jackson's is one of Perth's finest restaurants. It's generous too: there's complimentary bread and butter. The bread is house-made and wonderful"

Gourmet Traveller 2011 Australian Restaurant Guide "It's not sentimentality that draws former staff back to this buzzy eatery as customers: whether he's your boss or your chef. Neal Jackson is still the man on Beaufort Street, one of the city's most progressive (and impressive talents)"

Gourmet Traveller 2010 Australian Restaurant Guide Score: * "Beef fillet with snail sauce and giant Duplo-block-sized chips is typical of the assured, nicely left-of-centre fare you'll find at one of Perth's most interesting fine diners"

Gourmet Traveller 2009 Australian Restaurant Guide Score: * "Since Neal Jackson moved to Perth in 1998, few metropolitan chefs have been able to better the innovative food served in his small, stylish room. Jackson is not afraid to step into the realm of the unusual - with a cornet constructed of a pancake, smoked salmon and smooth green tea gelato for instance"

Gourmet Traveller 2008 Australian Restaurant Guide Score: * "It says much about Neal Jackson that his menu offers puddings, not desserts. He also does interesting things with pigs' ears and other extremities, and isn't afraid to serve up a rhubarb, apple and meringue pie with custard"

Paul Eats Perth 06 "Our meal over, we chatted quietly in the filtered light of our secret table hideaway, watching fellow diners finish every crumb on their plates, with satisfaction painted on their faces. We lingered, paid the bill, sipped water, lingered some more and finally left, feeling we had been cocooned away from the bump and grind of everyday life. Jackson's menu issues the warning: 'This food may contain traces of nuts, love, quality produce and passion.' I am pleased to report that we found all of these in our food and suffered the consequent reactions for days afterwards."

Gourmet Traveller 2007 Australian Restaurant Guide "With its hip address, swish interior and genial staff, Jackson's commands a sizeable chunk of Perth's big-night-out dining. Neal Jackson is one of WA's culinary pioneers, developing a cuisine that is inclusive, sometimes whimsical and always big on flavour."

Gourmet Traveller 2006 Australian Restaurant Guide * "Owner-chef Neal Jackson skippers this intimate fine-dining establishment, his sense of humour peppering the menu and his quirky, clever take on interesting ingredients coming up trumps every time."

Gourmet Traveller 2005 Australian Restaurant Guide ** "His saucing and textural combinations and use ofoffal are inspired. Jackson's plates are artistic, but without fuss. He moves from contemporary to classical and never takes shortcuts, constantly challenging the diner."

Sunday Times Gail Williams 15/5/05 "That's the footnote on the tactile menu at Jackson's, where for seven years pleasure-seekers have been succumbing to the most complete dining experience in Perth. A stylish refurbishment last year has provided a fitting backdrop for Neal Jackson's sublime creations, which seem to magically appear on the table breaking diners out of their reverie induced by the previous course."

SMH GFG 2004,'Neal Jackson is considered by his peers to be one of the best.No wonder,when his incomparable European technique with rare seeded venison on celeric mash is equalled by superb Asian creations'

Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide Australia 2004, 2 Red Stars, Ecellent wine list, Good vegetarian options,'incorporates ethnic flavours from Asia and the Middle East in several of the dishes...the service is faultless and attentive...extensive wine menu'

The Sunday Times, food&wine, Gail Williams, 9/2/03. Winner RCIA Fine Dining Award and RCIA Outstanding Restaurant of the Year.

Shout, 14.02.02 "Jackson's provides the absolute in fine dining and was the first of its kind on the strip. Degustation at its best and a wine list that would tire the most avid vinousoire combine to create the ultimate dining experience. Friday lunches are extraordinarily good value."

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Jackson's, 9328 1177, 483 Beaufort St, Highgate. WA 6003 Jackson's is still the best restaurant in Perth, leading the way with very fine European food from Englishman Neil Jackson.